wholesale Acrylic Adhesive

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wholesale Acrylic Adhesive

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Water Based Adhesive

This product is mainly used for acrylic products. One-component uv/visible light curing modified acrylate adhesive structure, low odor, quick-drying, high bonding strength and toughness , ability strong wallop, yellowing resistance ageing resistance, water resistance and cold resistance is excellent, low volume shrinkage ratio, etc.

Product ModelViscosityApplication
HX-226 Water based acrylic adhesive for aluminum foil120-240Aluminum foil tape,Aluminum and paper lamination adhesive
HX-227 Water based pressure-sensitive adhesive for BOPP tapes50-200BOPP tape and packing tapes etc.
HX-228Water based dry lamination adhesive100-240Lamination of plain films (BOPP, PET, PVC, METPET) to printed paper/duplex board
HX-2280 Water based BOPP film dry lamination adhesive100-200Lamination of BOPP films to printed paper/duplex board
HX-2800 Water based sealing adhesive-UV product with paper bonding, BOPP or PET with paper bonding, paper with paper bonding
HX-2281 Water based PET lamination adhesive80-180Lamination of BOPP, PET, and laser film to paper
HX-2282 Water based laser film lamination adhesive 300-1800Lamination of BOPP, PET, aluminum and laser film to paper
HX-229 Water based wallpaper glue2000-4500Wallpaper glue,Wood self-glue foil,Marble self-glue foil,Book cover cases

HX-230 Water based trademark adhesive/glue 1200-3000 Trademark/label,Advertising material
HX-232 Water based pressure adhesive for paper labels 200-300General purpose paper labels,Other pressure sensitive articles etc.

HX-PA232 Pressure sensitive adhesive for paper labels 80-200General purpose paper labels,Other pressure sensitive articles etc.
HX-PP233 Pressure sensitive adhesive for PP film labels 80-200PP film or PP composite paper labels etc.
HX-PVC233 Pressure sensitive adhesive for PVC film labels 80-200PVC film labels etc.
HX-233 Water based pressure adhesive for films 100-200General purpose polyolefinic film labels,Other pressure sensitive articles etc.
HX-235 Water based primer for PET films 100-200Untreated PET film, ABS film etc.
HX-236 Water based primer for polar films 100-200PVC film , PET, PS and other polar films etc.
HX-237 Water based primer for nonpolar films 100-200Corona treated nonpolar films (PE, PP, OPP, BOPP etc.)
HX-225 Water based pressure-sensitive glue for fiberglass mesh 100-300Fiberglass binder/glue,Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh fabric etc.
HX-2063 Water based binder/glue for fiberglass mesh 600-1500Fiberglass binder/glue,Fiberglass grid cloth/fiberglass mesh production etc.
HX-2064 Water based positioning adhesive for fiberglass mesh 300-800Fiberglass adheisve/glue,Fiberglass grid cloth/fiberglass mesh production etc.
HX-P223 Metal colored stone roof tile surface glue 3000-15000Metal colored stone tile etc.
HX-P224 Water based glue for metal colored stone roof tile 1500-3000Metal colored stone tile etc.
HX-2900 Water based cold lamination adhesive 1000-10000amination of plastic films (BOPP, PET, PVC, METPET) to printed paper/duplex board

Self-crosslinking acrylic polymer dispersion

Key features
-Non toxic
-Easy to use
-Excellent adhesive force
-High tack and peel strength
-Excellent coating performance and suitable for transfer coating

Please store the product in a cool place, and avoid sunlight and rain. Store in original unopened containers and use within 6 months from date of manufacture. Moreover, customers could choose packing and types of shipping.

Manufacturer based
We are a professional manufacturer engaged in the research,development,productions and sales of acrylic type pressure sensitive adhesive,solvent based acrylic resin and polyisocyanate hardener 45 years.
We make sure to offer the best service for our customers!wholesale Acrylic Adhesive
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