industrial heat exchangers price

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industrial heat exchangers price

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Air to Liquid Heat Exchanger Introduction
Air heat exchanger is a kind of air heater which is suitable for both steam and hot water systems as heating air. It is mainly used for hot air heating, air conditioning system and drying device. It is the main air heater. equipment. It is widely used in the current industrial and mining enterprises, heating and ventilation systems for large buildings.
Air to Liquid Heat Exchanger
Port: Shanghai, China
Application: Heater, Cooler, Condenser
Patent Number We Owned: 6
Specification: heat exchange area
Certification: CE, ISO, UL
Material: Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
Design Service: Available
Work Condition
1.Refrigerant side(In the tube): Air, oil, gas, water vapor, liquid materials.
2.Water side (Between the tube and shell): Fresh water, nature water, drink water, seawater, saltwater, ground water etc.
Technical Features
1.Dense phase conveying design: The speed and temperature of powder discharging is even and controllable, with stable and reliable quality.
2.Wall type heat exchange: Heat exchange medium exchanges heat with powder by high efficient pillow plate, no direct contact with powder.
Technical Advantages of Pillow Plate
1.Excellent turbulence design, high heat exchange coefficient.
2.High welding reliability.
3.Small external surface resistance, not easy to product dirt.
4.High temperature and high pressure resistance.
5.Wide channel, low pressure drop, easy to clean.
6.Flexible shape to maintain optimal heat exchange effect.
After-Sales Service
1)Our company can provide a sophisticated product after-sale service and can ensure the implementation, maintenance and commission of projects.
2)We can reach the project site after receiving the user's notification.

1.Q: Can you make a design for us?
A: Yes, we can. What we supply is not only product, but also solution and design. And if you make the product in our factory, the design will be free. If not, design fees will be charged accordingly.
2.Q: Do you provide after-sales service?
A: Yes, we do. This product is guaranteed up to one year from purchase unless man-made damage. If there is anything wrong with product itself quality problem, we will change or repair it at our charge. If not, we will provide after-sales service at your charge.
industrial heat exchangers price
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